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12.12.2018 -

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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11.12.2018 -

We are excited to welcome new ISA members:SmarTech Solutions and Prosman&Pavlovic


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6.12.2018 -

December 6, ISA Plenary Meeting


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Venture Capital&Private Equity Conference, Prague

23.11.2018 -

II.second edition Ventrue Capital&Private Equity Conference

Združenie cestných dopravcov ČESMAD Slovakia


Združenie cestných dopravcov ČESMAD Slovakia
Levická ul. 1
826 40 Bratislava

Phone: +421 903 467 851

Ing. Pavol JančovičRNDr. Ivan Rusko

Contact Person

Ing. Monika Kaplanová
Phone: +421 903 467 851


ČESMAD Slovakia is an association of road transport  operators of the Slovak Republic representing interests of its  members -transport operators vis-ŕ-vis ministries, central  authorities of state administration of the Slovak Republic as well as  other authorities, organisations, and associations in an effort of  developing the road transportation and making it prosperous.

ČESMAD Slovakia is a member of International Road Transport Union.



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