Trends and challenges in HR

17.6.2021 -

we invite you to the workshop logistics, transport, forwarding - trends and challenges of HR in post covid time

Labour Market Index 3Q2021

15.6.2021 -

The health situation in the world is gradually normalizing, and with it the economy is recovering. Proof of this is the recovering labor market, the favorable state of which is reflected in the results of a unique predictive survey

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27.5.2021 -

How to apply the deduction for research and development? Practical experience and the most common application mistakes. Practical examples of applying superdeduction.


25.5.2021 -

26. 5.2021 we invite you to  Slovak Matchmaking Fair 2021 ONLINE: use the possibility of panel discussions, online meetings, workshop on Brexit or individual consultations

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18.5.2021 -

What are the possibilities for an employer to provide their employees with a car as a benefit? You can find out these and other news from this area on the webinar on May 18

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Why do misunderstandings arise in the cooperation and business negotiations of Slovaks with other cultures?

  • What cultural differences affect professional intercultural cooperation and how to prepare for managing them?
  • How does Slovak business culture and intercultural management differ from other cultures?
  • Why do cultural misunderstandings arise during written communication and face-to-face meetings?
  • How to prevent cultural misunderstandings in business meetings and cooperation?
  • How should Slovaks prepare for business and project cooperation with other cultures?

These and similar questions will be answered during the webinar by Mr. Dr. Eva Gaborik, M.A., PhD., ACC,
a long-term consultant and trainer who conducts workshops focused on understanding intercultural work differences,
overcoming communication barriers and resolving cultural conflicts in business negotiations.
In Europe, the USA and Asia, she works with companies from various industries that have multicultural project teams
and customers from different cultures. Her clients include Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer, Covestro,
Continental Automotive Systems and many others.

In 2016 and 2018, she received the "Great Award" in New York as an award from clients for innovative approaches
and strategies that help companies establish effective intercultural cooperation and respect for the cultural
personalities of their employees and customers. More information at


When?  25. March at 10 a.m.

Free webinar is held in slovak language