Slovensko-dánske obchodné fórum

25.1.2019 -

Podnikateľská misia z Dánska


18.1.2019 -

Prvé tohtoročné vydanie mesačníka GO HR COFFEEZINE, ktorý každý mesiac vydáva náš  člen BALANCED HR

4.-8.marec 2019 podnikateľská misia Monako a Nice

8.1.2019 -

Pozývame Vás na podujatie organizované v spolupráci so SARIO a SOPK. pod záštitou Monackého kniežatstva a  Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.


21.12.2018 -

Decembrové číslo mesačníka GO HR COFFEEZINE



Robotnícka 1A
036 01 Martin
Slovak Republic

Telefón: +421 43 423 7974
Fax: +421 43 430 1627

Pavel Szépe, Michal Masár

Kontaktná osoba

Michal Masár
Telefón: +421 903 553 868
Fax: +421 434 301 627


The PROMT company was established in 1990 by the association of the physical entities Ing. arch. Dušan Holan and Ing. Pavel Szépe. On 11th October 2001 the company was transformed to PROMT s.r.o. in accordance with the Act 236/2000 Coll. The company operates in modern premises. Individual working places are equipped with modern and efficient computer technology with the quality software AutoCAD with the upgrades CADKON and RekonCAD, with static software, profession software for heating, sanitary equipment, air-handling system and electrical installation. The profession structure is arranged in such a way that individual projects may be executed thoroughly.


PROMT cooperates with other project organizations to provide sufficient flexibility in managing clients' requirements in compliance with their ideas. Concerning the project fields, the company deals with designing of new constructions, reconstructions and various building adjustments of industrial and civil services objects. In the civil engineering field, the company provides complete service from finding a suitable locality, through providing all the necessary surveys, measurements, studies, protocols, up to the complete provision of planning permit, building permit and operation permit.

Profession structure

  • Architects
  • Construction designers
  • Technical designers
  • Building equipment designers
  • Electrical installation designers
  • Production technology designers
  • Traffic constructions designers
  • Fire protection designers
  • Gas distribution designers
  • Cost estimations
  • Visualisations


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