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SmarTech Solutions SK, agentúra SARIO a ISA si Vás dovoľujú pozvať na ďalšie zo sérií podujatí

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Digitálne budovy si samé objednávajú opravárov

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Burea Veritas, agentúra SARIO a ISA si Vás dovoľujú pozvať na pracovné raňajky "Efektívny Facility Management"

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Problematika colných povinností pri exporte a importe tovaru

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1.3.2019 -

Naša členská základňa sa rozrastá. Vítame nového člena: spoločnosť HESCON s.r.o.

HESCON s.r.o.


HESCON s.r.o.
Nám. sv. Anny 20C/7269
911 01 Trenčín
Slovak Republic

Telefón: +42132613700
kontakt@hescon.sk, hrnciar@hescon.sk

Ing. Erik Hrnčiar

Kontaktná osoba

Ing. Pavol Brada, Michal Drozd
Telefón: +421 911 333 854



HESCON Ltd., is an architectural and engineering office. Founded in 2008 by the current CEO and civil engineer, Mr. Erik Hrnciar. Since the company has recorded continuous growth. Currently, HESCON Ltd. has a strong team of twenty full time employees, designers and structural engineers, and for the last three consecutive years, ranked in the top ten engineering offices in Slovakia.

We offer our clients COMPLEX DESIGN SERVICES in the field of designing buildings and constructions. It also includes creation of the initial study and its further processing up to the executive project. Steel structures and prefabricated structures we process up to the workshop documentation. Optimization and statics of structures is our specialization.

For designing, we use the latest BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology which allows us to work in 5D (Nemetschek Allplan, Advance Steel, TEKLA Structures, Scia Engineering, GEO 5, RIB, etc.).

We cooperate with many authorized architects and civil engineers as well as construction companies and producers of steel and prefabricated structures.

You’re welcome to come and visit our company.



• Geodetic Surveys, Geological Surveys

• Environmental Impact Assessment

• Architectural Studies

• Projects for zoning permit, Projects for building permit, Executive design, As built design

• Workshop documentation of steel and prefabricated structures

• Construction&Project management



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