Regionálny seminár Trenčín

20.6.2019 -

Prijmite pozvanie na regionálny seminár do Trenčína, do hotela Magnus

Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference, Bratislava

19.6.2019 -

Novinky zo sveta investícií, ale aj slovenského moderného umenia pod jednou strechou.

Zóna Nové Nivy, nové srdce Bratislavy

12.6.2019 -

Návšteva "Nových Nív", časti Bratislavy, ktorá mení svojú tvár

Pozvánka na pracovné raňajky

11.6.2019 -

Srdečne Vás pozývame na pracovné raňajky "Duálne vzdelávanie v tradičných i netračiných odboroch pre SDV"

Pozvánka na pracovné raňajky

4.6.2019 -

srdečne Vás pozývame do Bratislavy na pracovné raňajky "Novinky v colnom práve" pod vedením  advokátskej kancelárie Prosman&Pavlovič

Risk Management Consulting, s.r.o.


Risk Management Consulting, s.r.o.
Pribinova 30, OC EUROVEA
811 09 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Telefón: 00421 948 772 545

Kontaktná osoba

Ing. Pavel Hollý
Telefón: 00421 948 772 545


Our company provides comprehensive services of an insurance broker, consisting of risk analysis, designing the solutions to cover these risks, selecting the optimal coverage, proper administration of existing insurance policies and professional claims handling.We are a 100% daughter of the Belgian independent brokerage company- Van Dessel, which is a member of several global networks (Aesis, MediaInsurance, UnisonBrokers, BrokersLink). Through this network, we are able to provide insurance services worldwide.Risk Management Consulting, s.r.o. in not an exclusive partner of selected insurance company, but cooperates with all relevant insurance companies in Slovak insurance market, thus it can provide the best solutions for its clients.


• Services providing to our clients start with a consistent risk analysis, which is primaly based on the identification of risks that can affect the company´sbusiness.

• After thorough going risk analysis our company suggests you insurance cover which should cover your business risks.

• In case you already have insurance contracts in force, our company will prepare audit of the existing insurance cover which leads to conclusion whether cover offered by existing insurance contracts is sufficient or if it can be made better.

• When you agree to proposed insurance cover our company will help you to choose insurance product that will be optimal to cover identified risks. According to our experience and situation on insurance market our company will ask several insurance companies for their insurance offers and these offers will be presented in friendly way to you. Number of insurance companies depends on type of risk being insured and your preferences.

• For you that have their business risks already covered we offer insurance contacts administration. This activity includes communication with insurance companies and you in regards of correctness of premium billings, issuing of insurance certificates and cover confirmations, changes of premiums by contract prolongations, changes of sums insured or risks covered and many other administrative activities related to your insurance contracts.

• In case you suffer damage or you are responsible for some damage we will offer you professional consulting by handling of these claims. It consistout of help by reporting the claim to insurance company, survey of damaged property organization a supervising the whole claims settlement process. All of these should lead to payment from the insurance and your satisfaction. If it doesn´t, we deliver an appealing and we take all legal steps leading to fair termination of claim.


• Hella Slovakia Front -Lighting, s.r.o.

• HBPO Slovakia s.r.o.

• SLONATRANS, s.r.o.


• TIMED, s.r.o.


• Hettich SR s.r.o.

• Miele s.r.o.