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AUTOCONT is a Czech private company, which has been successfully operating in the sphere of supplying goods, services and solutions in the field of information and communication technologies since 1990.

AUTOCONT has been implementing and operating useful information technologies in Czech and Slovak republic for more than 30 years. AUTOCONT focused on providing complete IT solutions and services for company customers and state administration.

Systematic and long-term building of professional skills, careful monitoring of customer needs and, last but not least, the Company‘s sophisticated internal organisation has contributed to the fact that AUTOCONT is currently the largest and most important Czech supplier of information and communication technologies in Czech and Slovak republic

The scope of IT infrastructure is vast. From cables buried underground and backup diesel generators to supply electric current in case of an outage.

It continues through the construction of economically efficient data centers and high-performance data storage areas, network access designs, application, and desktop virtualization, and implementing database infrastructure, including directory services, email, security and monitoring, and IT management. It ends with warranty and post-warranty service and subsequent services for the support and operation of IT.

No every customer needs and uses everything. It depends on the size of the company and its focus. However, the important thing is that whatever the company needs in this sphere, AUTOCONT can arrange it.


  • IT infrastructure
  • Cyber Security
  • Business Applications
  • Cloud Service
  • Architecture and IT security
  • IT Outsourcing

Aricoma Systems s.r.o.
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Mário Háronik
Ondřej Matuštík

Mário Háronik, Ondřej Matuštík

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