Aricoma Systems s.r.o.


AUTOCONT is a Czech private company, which has been successfully operating in the sphere of supplying goods, services and solutions in the field of information and communication technologies since 1990.

Aricoma builds on three decades of development in the ICT sector. Our people, professionals in the true sense of the word, with full confidence and autonomy, are always able to react promptly to developments in the field and deliver not only cutting-edge technology to the market, but also software and security solutions, including full support.


Aricoma's enterprise IT offering is uniquely comprehensive. It includes solutions for advanced ICT infrastructure, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, enterprise applications and outsourcing.

We are part of the strong international investment group KKCG. We are an unmissable leader in the domestic market. Our specialists can be found in Brussels and in the regional city.

We want to show that we are a reliable and dynamic partner in the digitalisation of public administration and the commercial sector.

We understand both technology and the complex legislative framework. We can responsibly address the challenges of modern infrastructure, deploying a broad portfolio of business applications, migrating to the cloud and cybersecurity.

It is without exaggeration our daily bread. We always find useful solutions for our customers and we enjoy it.

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Aricoma Systems s.r.o.
Einsteinova Business Center
Krasovského 14
851 01 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Mario Háronik
Ondřej Matuštík

Peter Trajlinek

Contact Person
Vladimír Válek
Phone: +421 904 535326