The ŠČOTKA Group is a family brand that unites two companies – V I K O spol. s r. o. and APL TREND s. r. o. These companies, located on a shared premises in the village of Považská Teplá, collaborate closely in both production processes and administrative tasks.

V I K O spol. s r. o. offers comprehensive services from architectural design, statics assessment, through the production of steel structures, their assembly, surface treatment, as well as building prefabricated steel structures. It also provides official documentation for the approval and construction of the project according to the client’s requirements.

APL TREND s. r. o. operates mainly in the engineering and automotive industries. In addition to the installation, transport, and maintenance of machinery, which has been its focus since its founding, the company engages in more complex and technically demanding activities, offering its customers sophisticated solutions for production optimization and automation. This supports the growth and productivity of their clients' businesses, primarily through the design, development, and manufacture of special-purpose equipment, manipulators, complete conveyor systems, and peripherals for machines and production lines.


Areas of business:



Civil engineering

Construction engineering

Engineering industry

Production automation

Automotive industry


Považská Teplá 531
017 05 Považská Bystrica

Phone: +421 903 802 302

Ing. Peter Sčotka, PhD.

Ing. Peter Sčotka, PhD.

Contact Person
Ing. Peter Sčotka, PhD.
Phone: +421 903 802 302


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