TAKENAKA EUROPE GmbH has been providing general building construction services to Public and Private Sectors. During last 40 years over 1000 projects of all types and scales have been completed in 13 European countries, ranging from commercial and industrial to institutional and residential works.

Having gained substantial experience and appreciation for our work in Europe, we are facing a growing demand for our services especially in Central and Eastern Europe. That is reflected by a developing number of TAKENAKA branch offices such as in the Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

Our efforts are directed toward designing and constructing durable architectural works that are in harmony not only with their environment but are also functional and easy to maintain – We are continually developing an integrated approach to design and construction and remain dedicated approach to design and construction and remain dedicated to quality control at all levels within the company.

Our focus is based on maintaining long-term relationships and strategic partnerships with our key clients covering all aspects of construction activities, including after completion services. Close cooperation with our clients and the creation of lasting associations is the center of our mutual success.

Our clients appreciate our especially high level of team work, complexity of services, adherence to project schedules, unconditional observing of quality and safety standards and providing tailor made solutions which address their various requirements and needs.


The TAKENAKA Integrated Design and Build System – IDBS incorporates the entire range of consultancy, design, engineering and executive construction services and there is therefore on single responsible contact person. From the initial feasibility study, through the design and construction process sup to the final delivery and ongoing maintenance, the client is served with an IDBS the best Japanese service tradition. The result is time saving and reduction in total costs. It also leads to an improvement in quality and performance thanks to our integrated approach within project teams uniting both clients and TAKENAKA.

With our IDBS we carry out quality controls in all stages of a project.


We provide overall construction services from planning and design to construction and maintenance.

  1. Planning
  • Support for site selection and contract
  • Proposal for site usage
  • Consulting
  1. Design
  • Schematic plan / Application
  • Basic Design / Estimate
  • EIA, Planning Permit, Building Permit
  • Detailed design
  • Authority Commissioning
  1. Construction

Pivovarská 16
010 01 Žilina

Phone: +421 507 79 01
zilina@takenaka.sk, urvalek@takenaka.cz

Watanabe Kazuhiko

Contact Person
Peter Harvánek
Phone: +421 902 927 000
Fax: harvanek@takenaka.sk