Medzinárodný strojársky kooperačný deň 2016

25.5.2016 -

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SpeedCHAIN Slovakia

19.5.2016 -

Medzinárodná logistická konferencia.

Noví členovia ISA

12.5.2016 -

Prímanie nových členov ISA.


6.4.2016 -

Stavebné a energetické projekty.

Noví členovia ISA

1.3.2016 -

Prijatie nových členov ISA.

The British - Slovak SME Forum

British Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia in cooperation with STRABAG, TAKENAKA, HB Reavis, VUB Bank, SARIO, ISA and HESCON organized another of British - Slovak SME Forum - Focus on Construction, bilateral cooperation between Great Britain and Slovakia. The aim was to boost business connections, support business partnerships and to raise awareness of new business opportunities between Slovakia and the UK. This time focused on construction, a booming sector within Slovakian economy- the sector whose annual growth has reached 18% increase on YTD basis.

The British - Slovak SME Forum - Focus on Construction hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak republic, at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Bratislava, welcomed almost 100 participants to the event. The audience, mostly construction business professionals, would hear about new business opportunities for companies in construction sector, driven by actual positive environment in Slovakia, underpinned by a huge upcoming investment by Jaguar Land Rover in Nitra, Slovakia.

ISAs activities were presented by company HESCON, s.r.o.. Mr. Jabornik – HESCON s.r.o. presented ISA services and also service of its company.